Hit The Deck, The Right Way | Ep. 37

As promised, today we are hitting a fault I see on the regular that contributes the those burnt out forearms. What is a burpee?  Nothing more than a jump and a dynamic push-up. Since I haven’t seen any jumping activities burn out your forearms, it must be the push-up part. This video breaks down the push-up. The cues given save both your shoulders and your forearms. Check it out.

Today’s Prescription:

1. Spend 2-5 mins grinding out the push-up (small sets / plenty of rest) using the cues given in today’s video.

2. Spend 2-5 mins practicing the landing position of the burpee using the cues given in the video.


Don’t Forget About Your Pull-ups

Haven’t Started Yet?!?!?!? …… How To Begin The 30 Day Pull-up Challenge:

  • If you’re using a band: Use a band setting that allows your max effort to be 8-9 reps (you found this yesterday) and begin at week 1.
  • If your strict pull-up max is above 9 rep: Subtract 3 reps from your max effort and begin at the corresponding week (max effort 17 reps – 3 = 14; Begin at week 12: Rep scheme 14,9,8,8,7)
  • Perform 5 sets separated by a comfortable rest (1-3 minutes).
  • Perform each day, Everyday.  CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!
  • If you are failing consistently (2+ days in a row): DROP BACK 2 WEEKS and continue.

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Aww Jelly Donut?!?!?!?!