WODdoc Episode 81 Project365: Rocktape 101: Lets Start From The Begining

Not a lot of words today guys.  I tried to make my video as complete as possible.  The truth is, I still have a 5 hour drive back home and I knew there was no way I could make it back in time to post from there. I actually just drove back to my hotel (30 mins in opposite direction) so I could upload and post from Vermont. Annnnnddddd itttttss all because I love you guys. After all, this is project365 where I post #everydamnday!

Anyway, like I said last night. I wasn’t happy with my initial explanation of Rocktape.  I realized if I wanted to introduce kinesiology tape I should start from the beginning.  Well, today is from the beginning.  The “what, how, and why” of kinesiology taping.  More on application in the future.

Today’s WODdocket:

Relax… its sunday!