WODdoc Episode 137 Project365: Prowler Help; Featuring Joe DeFranco

My weekends can get a little long but finished up early this afternoon so headed up to the box to get some late afternoon work in. To my surprise there was a crap load of people there. It was a seminar class… which I wasn’t thrilled about since I just wanted to get in and out so I could go home and relax.  Upon closer inspection I noticed the instructor was Joe DeFranco.  Immediately this peaked my interest since I have been a big fan for some time now. Joe doesn’t know this but, I originally found out about him because we shared a mutual client… well my patient was his client… and he was raving about him so I did a little cyber stocking… you know how it is. I’m guilty, I’m guilty. Anyway, he and Jim Smith (also an awesome guy) were nice enough to let me hangout in the background and nab some knowledge.

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Above: Joe DeFranco and Jim Smith

So these guys designed this course that I am definitely going to attend in full. It’s call the CPPS (Certified Physical Preparation Specialist) which in the short time I watched, it seemed like a CSCS course on steroids…. oh, and up to date… the test didn’t involve a guy doing lunges and wearing Larry Bird’s shorts (Any CSCS’s out there will know what I mean). It was relevant to today’s sports and referenced today’s techniques.

One of the techniques that grabbed my attention was when Joe was teaching prowler sled pushes.   I feel like I see these done a million different ways.. variation in cadence… stride length.. hand placement… torso position .. the whole nine. Joe put it in a nice concise package, easy to understand.  Besides just learning the proper set-up we learned that sled pushes are a great way to mimic sprinting body positions. So we can dissect sprinting patterns with it… Cool stuff … check it out.


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