WODdoc Episode 156 Project365: High Ham Tweak Fix

Today, is a little twist on an all time favorite. I love having athletes warm up with the traditional hamstring muscle mash. I tell them they’re not done until they wear out the roller with their butt.   But every now and then you have to tweak things to fit the athlete.

Today was one of those days. I was working with an elite track athlete and having difficulty getting her to feel what I wanted with traditional ham mashing. This particular athlete was a hurdler and the hurdle position was her position of provocation (position that caused her pain). So we replicated that by having her drop one foot off the table. Turns out this gave just enough slack for us to get down to the depth of penetration we needed to reproduce provocation.

If your one of those athletes with hamstrings of steel and traditional ham mashing isn’t giving you relief or you can’t get to a desired depth of penetration this is a little tweak to try.

Happy Friday

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Spend 2-4 mins/leg (30 plantar/dorsiflexions) in hurdler ham mash.