WODdoc Episode 160 Project365: Toes-To-Bar Making You Tired?

First off, lets start by saying Christine is not a failed crossfitter.  She is a kick ass one. Just a little inside joke. In programming today we had a bunch of T2B. The fault we talked about today I see all time. It’s by no means a rarity.  That fault is the “straight leg T2B”. Of course different coaches all have their opinions but lets take a practical look at this.

Hang from a bar and we can figure this out right quick!?!?!?! Bring your legs up and hold a straight legged L-sit (if you can) for 5 seconds.  Drop down, relax, and when you’re ready perform the same move with your knees bent to 90 degrees. Which did you find easier.

Unless your from pluto (which isn’t even a planet anymore…) bent knees should have been easier.   Using simply deductive reasoning. Which movement would you think required less energy per rep?

(Side Note)

I said in the video today I didn’t know why athletes tend to gravitate toward the straighter-legged T2B as they fatigue. Truth is I have an educated guess but it’s not proven… so take it or leave it. We only have one single-joint hip flexor (muscle passing only one joint in this case the hip)… the psoas. We however have several 2-joint hip flexors (in this case passing the hip and knee… lets not name them. This is the point. As the psoas burns out our body isn’t stupid. It will do whatever it can to complete the task. So, it calls for all hands on deck. When this happens every hip flexor starts contracting as hard as they can to asset, including the ones that also simultaneous straighten the knee.  Alakazam… we figured it out!


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Perform 15 straight-legged T2B

2. Perform 15 as instructed in the video.

3. Which did you find easier???