WODdoc Episode 211 Project365: Challenge Your Squat Using An Unstable Surface

So how do we increase the intensity of and exercise without increasing the load. One way we can do it is to challenge your stability. Adding an unstable surface to any exercise challenges our proprioception and drastically increases the exercise’s intensity. Why do we care about this…. The first answer is real simple.  It builds a more stable foundation for the exercise you’re training (attention attention: this does NOT mean go practice split jerks on stability pads… use common sense). The more stable the foundation, the more proficiently you can transfer power = Good! The second answer is that it is a way to challenge yourself during a de-load week. While using an unstable surface your body has to work harder so you can effectively increase your perceived effort without increasing the load. This allows your joints and muscles to rebound while still getting an effective workout.


Today’s WODdocket:

If your box or gym has stability pads take 10 mins to play around on them. Also do a 2min single stance challenge: Attempt to stand barefoot on a stability pad for 2 mins without touching the ground.  Note how your feet feet afterwards.