WODdoc Episode 330 Project365: Building Rope Climb Endurance

I did some math while watching the regions this weekend. The average athlete took about 10 secs round trip (up and down) during the rope climbs. Considering there is 27 rope climbs in the this year’s Regional WOD Event 2…. that gives 270 secs which is 4.5 mins. on the rope (Of course considering they hold the same pace). Thats some serious grip fatigue for both hands and feet.  And check this out…. As your feet fatigue you loose your ability to supply all that lower extremity horsepower which in turn applies even more pressure to your hands making them fatigue even faster.

Sooooooo…. I got a little training challenge for tonight’s episode. 4min continues rope climb. Set the timer for 10 sec repeats. Every 10 secs you shimmy 1x. Travel up and down the rope without touching the floor. Make sure you concentrate on clamping those feet in to save your grip or else its going to get spicy real quick. Let me know how it goes!!!!


Today’s WODdocket: 

4min Rope Climb Challenge as Explained Above.