Flexible Eating Featuring Jason Ackerman | Ep. 761

Jason Ackerman is one of the most well respected coaches in all of CrossFit.  Having found CrossFit in 2007 he has made it his life’s work and never looked back.

Jason has an extensive health and fitness background, having first entered the gym back in his high-school wrestling days.  This chore meant only to keep him competitive on the mats, very quickly became his passion.  Within months Jason was interning at his local gym and by 16 years old had his first job as a personal trainer.

Throughout college Jason would work at any gym that would have him.  During this time period, Jason honed his craft, spending endless hours watching, reading, and learning everything he could about the Fitness Industry.

After college Jason continued his journey.  He trained people, taught fitness classes, managed multiple gyms, and owned his own Yoga Studio.

But that was in 2007 when everything changed…Jason found CrossFit or maybe, CrossFit found Jason.

Jason was introduced to CrossFit via his friend and an article in a “Muscle” Magazine, like most new CrossFitters he then went home and found everything he can about it online.  From there, the rest as they say his history.

Jason started CrossFitting exclusively in his own training and quickly implemented it in his clients sessions.  Within months Jason attended his for Level 1 Seminar and opened Albany CrossFit.

Jason’s Website |  www.squattherapy.com