WODdoc Episode 61 Project365: Waddle Walk

Sprinting workouts wreak havoc on your legs. Yesterday my good friend, Justin Collins put me through a repeat sprinting workout. Its funny how sometimes the simplest workouts are the hardest. It was 12 200m sprints @ 30secs.  All I had to do was sprint 200m, then walk back at an easy pace.  Let me tell you, 8 and 9, not fun… 10 and 11, horrible….12, I don’t remember. Needless to say, my legs felt like cement today.

When loosening the lower extremities in a dynamic warmup scenario its pretty common to see a straight legged march, high knee, butt kicker, etc. I rarely see anything similar to the waddle walk. This is a good one because it puts your flexed hips through internal and external rotation, and at the same time makes you keep rigidity in your torso so you don’t topple over.

Today’s Prescription: 

1. Test Air Squat

2. Perform 25m waddle walk

3. Re-test Air Squat