WODdoc Episode 84 Project365: Goblet Squats; The Wallball Fixer

I LOOOOVVVVEEE goblet squats. Goblet squats are like the MacGyver of squat therapy.  Dan John should get a Nobel Prize for goblet squats and I should hit me with the kettlebell for screwing up his name.

Goblet squats (GS) are the perfect wallball fix.  Why… The first fault talked about yesterday was  allowing the wallball to fall into the forearms.  This commonly drags the torso downward and starts the overall collapse of the whole movement.  When performing GS the athlete is required to squeeze the horns of the bell.  This strengthens our shoulder’s horizontal adduction (we can squeeze the ball better!)

The meat and potatoes comes with the additional upper back and shoulder recruitment needed to support the bell. This does an amazing job at making us keep our backs upright and locked in and requires little queuing… we kind of get this auto fix. If we perform this correctly and keep our elbows below our hands you’ll see it even replicates the WBS nicely.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Accumulate 50 Goblet Squats (try not to use your fingers when supporting the horns)