WODdoc Episode 91 Project365: Breast Cancer Bows Fix Knees!!!

Two days… two studs. Pretty cool experience to have back to back leaders in their respect fields on. If this is any tell as to where WODdoc is going, I’m pretty stoked. So, for those of you that don’t know, Dr. Greg Doerr is one of the best sport chiropractors out there and one of the foremost experts in kinesiology taping. He teaches a number of courses but, I believe his best course is “Functional Taping for Musculoskeletal Injuries.” People fly this guy all of the the world to have him teach them taping. He has been to more places then I can count so consciences is somebody thinks he knows what he is doing.

Today, is a fun coincidence. The taping in today’s video wasn’t just made up for breast cancer awareness. Its one that is use in our office all the time and just got the nickname for obvious similarities.  We actually call this taping a “patellar de-load” in our office because it helps to deload and stabilize the knee cap when applied. This is a great taping for all of us that get generalize knee pain with running, rowing, or squatting (whenever the damn knee bends.. which is all the time). We can go into the biomechanics of it in another episode.

You’re going to see as we course through material on WODdoc there is many ways to skin a cat. This is one of several ways you’ll see me use Rocktape to alleviate knee pain.

Important take home points:

  1. Tape jobs are not just taken out of thin air.
  2. We use a function or activity that provokes the symptom.
  3. Test the correction to see if it relieves the symptom.
  4. Apply the Rocktape to replicate the correction
  5. Re-test Re-test Re-test (its that important)

Today’s WODdocket:

Apply one patellar de-load taping use Rocktape as described below:

1. Squat and test for knee pain (note depth and intensity of pain).

photo 1


2. Cup kneecap using thumb and forefinger creating grandma knee. If this decreases pain or increases depth in which you can squat .. this taping is for you.

photo 2

3. Measure tape by making a “U” around bottom 1/3 of the upper leg.

photo 3

5. Split Rocktape backing in the middle as shown below.

photo 5

6. Stretch tape 60-75% and apply between knee cap and tibial tuberosity.

photo 3-2

7. Apply remaining tails by tape wrapping around knee cap.  No significant stretch use here.

photo 4-2photo 5-2

4. Re-test Re-test Re-test !!!