WODdoc Episode 258 Project365: Dubs Help Part Dos

Ok ok… so we can jump up and down and not kick over some foam rollers. Big deal! ¬†What happens when you add a rope. Well… most of the time everything goes to hell in a hand basket. But, not today. Today, we are going over a little tip I like to use when teaching double unders.

All you need is a line or a crack in the floor. What we are going to try and do is jump up and while we are in the air cover the line with our toes. Then, just before coming back into contact with the floor bringing our feet back in front of us, landing on the balls of our feet.

I say this over and over again. It’s not how long you’re in the air (obvious this is only kind of true) but its how quickly you can get off the ground. When we do that kickback fault it makes it nearly impossible to get off the ground quickly. Try today’s tips and you’ll be stinging DUs together in no time.

Today’s WODdocket:

10 mins of the “line hop” drill as shown in today’s video.