WODdoc Episode 257 Project365: Improving Your Dubs One Hop At A Time

I got a shout out asking for some double under technique so after 15.3 how could I say no?!?!?!

Today we are starting in on double under (DUs) technique. If I could give one tip on DUs and only one tip it would be “posture.” Practically all difficulties in DU performance stem from breakdowns in posture. Take the most common fault of all. The “kickback”….. this is when the jumper decides to pull their heels toward their ass instead of keeping them under their knees were they belong.

Why is the kick back bad??? Simple .. yes, you may gain a fraction of a second in the air but it makes it impossible to land on the balls of your feet (in a springy manner) so you end up spending 4x as long on the ground. One double under later and you’re tripped up.

We need to fight the kickback by using our calves to drive our toes into the ground. Emphasizing height of the body, not height of the legs. In other words focusing on keeping a pencil-like posture. We will talk more about how to do this tomorrow. For now lets get us bouncing like a pogo stick.


Today’s WODdocket: 

10 sets of 10 pencil (stiff legged) high hops. using foam rollers at bumpers.