Episode 556 P365: Building A Muscle Up; Building Skill Specific Strength

Ok a lot more of the same stuff that you have been seeing throughout this program progression. Refer to yesterday’s video. If you were able to pass the skill specific strength test its all daises. If not we need to build complicity in this element.

To do this we need consistency so it is performed 5x a week for 4 weeks. We perform 5 sets separated by 2-3 min rest, We exercise to fatigue NOT failure. All participants need to selected a band setting that allows them to do 8 ring pulls to their belly button.  Using this banded setting they would begin on week one.

I can’t stress enough the importance of time and consistency here. Although shown in consecutive order we need to continue working on this program for a minimum of 4 weeks before retesting. It this strength that gives us the FOUNDATION to build skill on top. Rushing this element is a great way to set up for injury.

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