WODdoc Episode 200 Project365: Solve Front Rack Problems With Yoga Clasping

In the crossfit world we use the terms functional fitness and general physical preparedness. So it should come to no surprise that improving other function movements and activities have direct carryover to crossfit improvements. In yoga for instance yogis use what they call a clasp (behind their backs) to mobilize their wrists forearms and shoulders.  Interesting enough thats exactly what we need mobile for a good front rack position.

When clasping behind your back, yoga style, your wrists are brought into full extension and your elbows are fully pronated just like during the front rack. Watch today’s video… I would bet that if you’re one that has trouble getting into today’s position you’re also one that has difficulty with your front rack.

Tips for Yoga Clasp:

1. First interlace finger in front of your body instead of behind.

2. Press away, with your palms facing out, focus on pressing your thumbs outward allowing your wrists to turn.

3. Once proficient in front of your body try behind.  Its much harder because of the way it also winds up the anterior chest tissues.

4. When clasping behind your back press your palms down attempting to make them parallel with the floor.

5. If you’re having trouble sit on a box or chair and leverage your palms to pry your thumbs flat.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test front rack

2. Perform 2-4 mins of today’s mobility

3, Re-test front rack.