WODdoc Episode 95 Project365: Squat and Lift Like Preschoolers

Picking pumpkins is something I do with my niece every season. It has been a wonder and a pleasure watching her grow. Her knowledge and capability expands exponentially… it’s crazy to me. The first time we went to the pumpkin patch she was like a big worm… all wrapped up and didn’t move that much. Time warp 3 years and she is all running around jumping on everything…off everything… trying to pick every pumpkin up… just loving and exploring life. Honestly we should all take that page out of a preschooler’s book.  Probably have a better quality of life.

Watching preschoolers biomechanics is amazing. They are not super strong yet so, they don’t stay in the perfect positions but they organize themselves incredibly well. Untaught, my niece naturally hip hinges when she bends down to pick up objects. Yes, her butt might come up first and leave her shoulders behind buttt, she does an amazing job at keeping the natural contours of her lumbar spine. What does that mean? It means that she is always relatively very safe. Another thing you’re going to notice is with minimal cueing (the few words in today’s episode was literally the first and only time I ever cued her) she gets in the perfect bottom position of the squat.

Take a look:




Knees out, Back and Neck in a neutral spine position, great torso angle

IMG_4719 IMG_4720


Weight automatically shifts to her rear foot. She automatically hinges over the waist and Not through the back!


The cherry on top… She can stay there forever. It’s not taxing for here but a position of comfort!

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Watch some preschooler’s or toddlers bend, squat and lift.. and I’m not telling you to be all creeper at the kiddy park. If you’re lucky enough, observe your own family, if not just take notice next time you’re around some kids. Its quite amazing. We can learn so much just by watching them move!