WODdoc Episode 122 Project365: Seated Hamstring Pin and Stretch

First off… Huge apologies to Crossfit Solace and Colbey. Crossfit Solace was awesome enough to let me film an episode there today and I managed to screw up and not turn on the mic. Colbey was great and was my fearless demo partner.  I am sorry guys… I promise to head back there and re-film that episode!  If you’re still interest in the muted version click here!

In the mean time there is always ways to mobilize. I’m hanging out in my buddies house and noticed my hamstring tightening up. I was practicing this 5 rep max low hang snatch today at Solace and tweak it just a bit.   Lucky for me there was some mobility balls on the counter. Pays to be friends with other crossfittters.

So here is what we got. Today we are taking a page from the active release guys and replicating what they do with a mobility ball.  The idea is to pinch the hamstring (between the mobility ball and bone) in a semi-shortend position, then lengthen the tissue fully.

Here is how we do it:

1. Start in a seated position.

2. Using a double mobility ball (or two taped together) place them under your butt bone (isheal tuberosity).

3. Shimmy up allowing the balls to move just off your butt bone toward your knee.

4. Hinging at the hip (not through your back) flex your chest toward your knee

5. Extent your knee (contracting quad) and hold for 5-8 secs.


Important Location … Don’t mash blind … Know your anatomy!

butt bone


Pictured above: ischial tuberosity


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test Squat

2. Perform 10-15 reps / side of seated hamstring pin and stretch as shown.

3. Re-test bottom of squat