WODdoc Episode 146 Project365: Building Pistol Strength

I have 3 Golden Rules. To perform any movement we must have all 3 Golden Rules.

1. Anatomical Range of Motion (ROM)

2. Functional Mobility

3. Functional Stability

This isn’t the first time I have talked about them so we will leaving definitions for another time.  Let’s assume we obey all 3 Golden Rules… and still can not perform the movement. What can be stoping us. Better look at strength… the raw ability to move those levers we call bones through the desired movement.

Today’s episode is about building strength for the pistol squat. The movement shown is similar to a box step-up but has some very important tweaks.  During box step-ups our body is facing the box and our body translates forward during the accent. During box pistols we are facing with our side to the box and attempting to sit on our heel before raising upward with little to no forward translation. Basically we are replicating the bottom of the squat but allowing out accessory leg to hang freely. This reduces the overall demand of the movement.  From here you have 2 choices… you can either use your accessory leg to push off of or you can hover it off the ground. Both are acceptable it just depends on the exercise intensity your looking for and the strength level you’re currently at.

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test pistol box step. Complete a comfortable amount (not full max but good effort).

2. Subtract 3 reps and perform 2 more sets (10-3=7 …. 2 more sets at 7 reps).

3. Continue 3 sets of 7 reps each workout.

4. Add 1 rep to each set every week. (4 weeks later 7+4=11)

5. Re-test in 4 weeks