WODdoc Episode 168 Project365: Low Back Ball Mash

First question … who loves my sweater. You know what… doesn’t matter because it’s awesome. Next question… how many of you have had low back pain at sometime after lifting…. ohhh same answer for both questions… just about everyone.

Today we are tackling some low back pain by doing a little muscle mashin. We have discussed the QL (quadrates lumborum) before but lets revisit it just incase you missed out. The QL is a broad muscle in the low back. For the most part it attaches to the bottom rib and the back 1/3 part ion of the iliac crest. When unilateral flexed it assists in lateral flexion of the torso. It is commonly messed up with combo flexion/rotation movements (like bending and twisting … picking something up from the ground with one hand).

Don’t Mash Blind…. Know Your Anatomy!



Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test Lateral Bending.

2. Ball mash as shown (2-4 mins/side)

3. Re-test Lateral Bending.