WODdoc Episode 190 Project365: My New Favorite Crossfitter Mobilization

Overhead athletes beat the snot out of their posterior cuff and lat. Every crossfitter knows someone with a bum shoulder. ┬áIt takes constant maintenance to keep the overhead athlete in check. Today’s mobility is definitely one of my new favorites. The great thing about it is it allows us to work on thoracic rotation while we mobilize our lat tissue. Two things I would argue are primary gremlins in the shoulder complex.

Yesterday we introduced the idea of relative motion. Today we are going to use that concept to mobilize tissue. Without getting to technical here is the concept. We take the desired tissue (in this case the posterior lateral side of the body) and elongate it creating tension. Then we use a motion (relative motion) to drive the tissue into further elongation.

If you’re not on the same page yet…. don’t worry.. we will be flushing this idea out over the next week our so… stay tuned!


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 3×10 Lat/T-spine Mobilities / side — Alternate