WODdoc Episode 205 Project365: Kinesiology Taping The Low Back

Just a little rant…. Prowlers are the real thing. Did a 20 min prowler push AMRAP today…. I thought my buddy was crazy talking this prowler flu nonsense.  Nope, it really happens.

Anyway… Today I was approached for the billionth time and asked how to tape their low back using kinesiology tape. I figured that if this question keeps coming up in my box others out there have to have it too. So here it is.

Things to remember when taping:

1. Whenever using kinesiology tape never stretch the first or last inch of the tape… that’s a good way to cause some skin irritation.

2. For this taping position your/their back into a flexed position.  We want the skin to be stretched.

3. Use paper-off tension.  That means whatever tension is place on the tape as you peal the backing off.

4. Rub the tape to activate the adhesive.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Practice a low back kinesiology taping.


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