WODdoc Episode 300 Project365: How To Butterfly T2B; Featuring Khan Porter

So recently I have been seeing athletes alter their T2B technique. The movement is morphing and taking on a more cylindrical look. At first glance I thought that same as many of you. Why the hell are they doing that?!?!? However, it’s not my place to judge and I figured if I was going to learn it, I would get my info from a credible source. Little did I know I would get the opportunity to work with Khan Porter. This guy is a stud. He is currently the 2nd fittest guy in Australia going into regionals and looking to repeat a games appearance. And if thats not enough he has unknowing been voted most likely to cause a car accident when laying out in front of Crossfit Dynamix.

Here is the deal. Although this new Butterfly T2B may look like a circus act at first, it has its benefits and is worth learning.

The Pros:

  • Easier on the Grip
  • Helps athletes stay in rhythm under fatigue
  • Easier to reach that reverse “C” – by shooting through in a butterfly type movement you naturally slide your head past the bar and leave your heels behind the vertical plane. (it is common to leave your head behind and toes in front of the bar with fatigue = NO REP).

The Cons:

  • More taxing to the biceps
  • No suited for all body types
  • More moving parts

Before you get started you’ll need to have 2 things in your tool box. 1) Traditional T2B    2) Butterfly Chin2Bar (proficiently). If you have these then you’re a go. Here is the concept. Begin by kicking your toes to the bar as you would in a traditional T2B. Then as soon as your toes tap the bar pull like you are attempting a pull-up.  Your toes will naturally drift away and down from the bar as gravity takes over. As you feel your body becoming vertical uncoil your knees and reach back with your heels. Your head naturally passes through and past the bar due to the forward momentum you created and you will end in a backward “C” position (this is a place of power for this movement). From here the cycle repeats.


Today’s WODdocket: 

10 mins of butterfly T2B technique.