WODdoc Episode 324 Project365: Trueform Runner Technique

Today we are covering how to improve our running proficiency  on the Trueform Running Treadmill. This device is a motor-less treadmill… a human hamster wheel of sorts. It rewards proper running techniques and will eat you up if your form is in the crapper.

If you get nothing out of today’s episode remember one thing …. posture posture posture. We talk about 3 keys for improving your running form but all kind of autocorrect at least a bit when you correct your posture.

3 things to keep in mind.

1. Posture – don’t bend from the hips  and crunch over your stomach.. stand tall and proud like foghorn. Lean from the ankle to increase speed of belt and try and get your belt buckle to the cross bar of the Trueform.


2. Cadence – We tend to have a very slow cadence. The easiest trick to improve your running efficiency is to increase your cadence.  Shorter faster strides take less energy then long slow strides.

3. Pick your knees up – Think of driving the belt away and then quickly picking your knees up rather there dragging the belt through the gait cycle (like when your on a skateboard).


Today’s WODdocket:

1 mile of the Trueform Runner using today’s techniques.