WODdoc Episode 332 Project365: Runner’s Mental Checklist

Today we did Nancy. For those of you that don’t know that one Nancy is 5 rounds of 400m run and 15 OHS. Its a combo running/lifting WOD. I was fortunate enough to hit it with 2 of my old high school friends. Each are track coaches now so I wanted to pick their brains about how athletes should prep for lifting/running workouts. Quoted words….. Simple… Do a really damn good warm up!!!

Ok, so the most important part is a thorough active warm-up… sometimes lasting longer then the workout itself. They told me about a study they have been running over the last several track seasons. They have their athletes warm-up however they normally do (on their own) and then run them through 4 time trials of 300 yards. Time and time over they find the athletes perform best on their 3rd and 4th attempt. The conclusion is overwhelmingly athletes are not properly prepping for their events.

Today we are learning 2 things. How to prep for these running WODs and .. a mental checklist to autocorrect as we begin failing due to fatigue