WODdoc Episode 333 Project365: Building Achilles Integrity

Sooooo the elephant in the room…. if you aren’t a psyco crossfit follower like myself you may not know…yesterday Julie Foucher suffered “at least a partial” achilles tear when performing bounding box jumps in Event 3 of the Central Regionals.

The interesting fact about this is Crossfit as organization actually moved to box jump-overs in thought that it would make rebounding more difficult and reduce the likelihood of calve injuries. This brings us to question the safety of bounding box jumps in general but since I am not the organizing commity of Crossfit lets just skip that subject for now and move to how we can increase the tensile strength of those tigger tails.

Eccentric exercises like the ones I shown previously in Episode 251 are our best bet at increasing achilles integrity. What is eccentric exercise. Its commonly referred to as the negative. It’s when your muscle is contracted but lengthened like lowering a bench press to your chest.

Watch today’s episode and see why walking backwards a great eccentric exercise for building achilles integrity.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Collect 200 meters of backward walking. Take exaggerated steps.  Make sure we are focusing on really planting that heel and not turning it into a backwards jog.  That is not the idea.