WODdoc Episode 342: Oxygen Deprivation Training (Pool Party)

A lot of people think surfers are just bums wasting away there lives on the beach. I get it… some look the part … the stereotype. What most don’t realize is top end (elite) surfers are some of the most cardiovascularly fit athletes in the freaking world. They are able to paddle in sprint fashion, pop up on a board … and if buried by a wave… hold their breaths upwards of 4 and 5 mins. Thats pretty insane.

How do they do it you ask? Oxygen deprivation training. The old timers used to play a game called “rock running” during times of calm waters. It evolved grabbing a rock and running it out as far as you could before coming up for air. Today we are doing to attempt this in a more controlled environment.



Today’s WODdocket:¬†

***WITH A FRIEND*** so important that this is NEVER done alone. ¬†Experienced watermen have blackout and drowned so don’t be stupid. Always have someone watching you and respect your limitations.

10 pool walks… I like to call them zombie walks because when your walking with the KB in the goblet squat position you look like a zombie when watching from above.