WODdoc Episode 355 Project365: Lateral Knee Gremlins Causing Medial Knee Pain?

Typically over-stress to an area of tissue is was causes those gremlins to start knotting things up. We all so commonly jump right to the area that hurts and start mashing away. And…… it works a ton of the time. But sometimes we do it over and over and over again with only temporary relief.  This is when we need to start looking elsewhere. Today is an example of that case.  As you will see the in video with the pant example, tightness on the outside of the knee can cause a build up of stress on the inside. If that stress becomes great enough symptoms occur. Then we come along spending all of our time in the inside neglecting the spot where the real gremlins are. Whelp…..  not anymore….


Today’s WODdocket:

Spend 2-4 mins on the outside of each knee as shown in today’s video.