WODdoc Episode 356 Project365: Reduce Shoulder Pain With A Better Back

Shoulder injuries are by and far the most common injury I see in crossfit athletes. I say this so many times I feel like the loyal followers out there can complete this sentence. The reason being is because for the vast majority of us the last time our shoulders were weight bearing joints is when we were crawling. This of course leaves them … lets just say … not properly prepared for diving into the deep end of crossfit.

A common presentation we see in today’s athletes is this over-active upper trap (trapezius). Yes, it is a big muscle but that doesn’t mean it has to be involved in all the action. To retrain the shoulder and activate the “less active” we use corrective exercises like today’s reverse shrug.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 20 banded reverse shrugs (using a light band) / arm.