WODdoc Episode 54 Project365: Do You Have The “Functional Mobility” To Overhead Squat?

I have been around CrossFit for a while now and it seems like everyday someone feels the need to address TO ME how dangerous CrossFit is.  The funny thing is … I agree with them. CrossFit is dangerous. Now we can go on bickering about this, that and the other…. 3 hours later we will still be in the same spot. Yes, is CrossFit making an attempt to improve safety?… Absolutely… There were more safety precautions taken this year in the games then I have ever seen before. But, that has no effect on the recreational crossfitters, and the vast amount of injuries we see are not traumatic injuries… they are repetitive.

So whats the problem? …. Its super simple…..

We are terrible at progressing athletes properly. Take a quick count in your fingers. How many crossfit movements go overhead. Now, how many recreational crossfitters…. not the elites… prior to crossfit, have been overhead on a regular basis…. unless you were a gymnast, damn near none! Bottom line, it shouldn’t be surprising these people are getting hurt. Their body is taxed enough just trying to get back in shape. Putting them in positions they have never been before is like flipping a cop the bird… you might get away with it a couple of times but, sooner or later it isn’t going to turn out too well for you!

I believe you need 3 things to perform any movement… not just crossfit.

1. Anatomical Range of Motion (ROM) – meaning if you can’t bring your knees up you your chest while laying on your back good luck with weight on your back.

2. Functional Mobility – this is the ability to retain that anatomical ROM when performing the functional activity your attempting.

3. Functional Stability – this is the ability to stabilize the parts that need to be rigid so the mobile parts can function correctly.

Today’s video demonstrates some of the requirements you need to be able to complete in order to overhead squat safely. The first wall angle position I have seen in many boxes.  The squatting wall angle is a way to access functional mobility in the bottom position.  This is the one I think is missed a lot. So try it out today!

Today’s Prescription:

1. Complete Standing Wall Angle with bar

2 Complete Squatting Wall Angle with bar

If failed in position 1 or 2 or both. Perform wall angle mobility for 2-4mins accordingly.

3. 30 day pull-up challenge … 3 days left!!!



Haven’t Started Yet?!?!?!? …… How To Begin The 30 Day Pull-up Challenge:

  • If you’re using a band: Use a band setting that allows your max effort to be 8-9 reps (you found this yesterday) and begin at week 1.
  • If your strict pull-up max is above 9 rep: Subtract 3 reps from your max effort and begin at the corresponding week (max effort 17 reps – 3 = 14; Begin at week 12: Rep scheme 14,9,8,8,7)
  • Perform 5 sets separated by a comfortable rest (1-3 minutes).
  • Perform each day, Everyday.  CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!
  • If you are failing consistently (2+ days in a row): DROP BACK 2 WEEKS and continue.

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