WODdoc Episode 55 Project365: Mobility Challenge For Overhead Squatting: Gate 2

Ok, no belaboring the point today. I was up on my soapbox yesterday. We all know I belief in a gated system where each gate clears athletes into the next tier of movements. We start with the simplest ones (squats, deads, and strict everything) and move to the more complexed (ballistic, dynamic movements such as cleans and snatches) ones as we progress in ability.

Yesterday we cleared the first gate of 3. With each gate we are allowed to progress further into the movement… in this case, overhead squats. So, the take home point from yesterday is… IF YOU DID NOT CLEAR GATE 1… you should not be performing weighted overhead squats.

Gate 2 takes into account the athlete’s functional mobility and stability. These two attributes work hand and hand. The athlete has to be mobile enough to reach the expected range of motion, yet stable enough to not collapse.  Gate 2 is more challenging so put on your big boy pants.

Today’s Prescription:

1. Attempt clearing gate 2.

2. If failed spend 10 mins on instructed work shown in video.

3. 2 days left of 30 day pull-up challenge!!!!


Haven’t Started Yet?!?!?!? …… How To Begin The 30 Day Pull-up Challenge:

  • If you’re using a band: Use a band setting that allows your max effort to be 8-9 reps (you found this yesterday) and begin at week 1.
  • If your strict pull-up max is above 9 rep: Subtract 3 reps from your max effort and begin at the corresponding week (max effort 17 reps – 3 = 14; Begin at week 12: Rep scheme 14,9,8,8,7)
  • Perform 5 sets separated by a comfortable rest (1-3 minutes).
  • Perform each day, Everyday.  CONSISTENCY IS KEY!!!
  • If you are failing consistently (2+ days in a row): DROP BACK 2 WEEKS and continue.

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