WODdoc Episode 87 Project365: Kettlebell Shoulder Stability Part 2

Ok, so yesterday we talked about how raising your arm above your head was a complex shoulder motion. Meaning, it required you to exercise through several planes of motion (coronal, transverse, and sagittal). To get a better understanding of what I was referring to lets do a little edge-ja-ma-cation…



Above are the 3 major planes of motion (transverse, fontal/coronal, sagittal).

Yesterday, we exercised within the transverse plane. (See below) Now, don’t be confused. In the pictures you see my arm moving. Yesterday’s episode was still a transverse plane exercise, its just that the arm was stationary and the body moved not vice versa.



Today, we are exercising in the frontal plane. Frontal plane exercises for the shoulder are abduction/adduction exercises. (See Below)



The last plane of motion we will be hitting tomorrow is sagittal. Check it out below. Sagittal plane exercises for the shoulder are flexion/extension.



So why does any of this mean diddle squat… ok, fair question. Here is why….

To preform complex shoulder motions well, we must be awesome in single planes of motions. Yesterday we began by doing our first single plane shoulder exercise (transverse plane). Today, we are challenging the shoulder in the frontal plane. The exercise is actual a fragment of the turkish getup. Check out today’s video and try it out.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Perform 3×10 Turkish Side bends