WODdoc Episode 99 Project 365: PVC Chicken Wing To Increase Shoulder External Rotation

I got 99 videos and my reign ain’t done. Yeah, I just did that… I know JZ will be kicking my ass soon for such a atrocious parallel. Sometimes stuff just comes out … it’s that no filter thing.

Anyway, today we are working some shoulder external rotation using a PVC pipe. I like to do a PVC mobility routine after kettlebell swings or SDLHPs because they fire up my posterior cuff and lats. PVC work is a quick way to hit a bunch of stuff in the upper extremities in a rather short amount of time. Shoulder pass throughs are pretty commonly done everywhere but I don’t always see the chicken wing.

The PVC chicken wing is set up:

1. Place the pipe in one hand 1/3 of the way from the bottom

photo 1

2. Rotate your palm up (pipe becomes horizontal)

photo 2

3. Bicep curl

photo 3

4. Reach under your curled arm with your other hand and grab the pipe

photo 3-2

5. Position pipe so that it is supporting the back (posterior) part of your shoulder joint

photo 1-3

6. Perform chicken wing by starting with your elbow pointed perpendicular to your chest

photo 2-3

7. Finish with your elbow parallel with your chest.

photo 2-2

Today’s WODdocket:

1. 15 PVC chicken wings (3sec hold

2. 15 PVC chicken wing overpressures (3sec hold)