WODdoc Episode 138 Project365: Better Bridges

Quad dominant athletes are everywhere. I see them all the time. If you start watching critically you will see them too. It is almost a default for beginners to attempt squatting, jumping, hinging exercises in a quad dominant fashion. But the beginners are easier to convert because they haven’t spent as much time performing the movements incorrectly, and usually they are more open to change.

The problem comes when you come across quad dominant athletes who are more advanced. First, they are already good (so they think) so their willingness to strip back and begin again is poor at best. Second they have performed so many reps in the faulty pattern it’s more difficult to change. Especially under duress (once they are fatigued).

When I need to start at the beginning I start with the bridge. It’s funny how difficult this can be for super quaddy athletes. Ideally we want our athletes to be driving through their heels when performing this movement but a lot of the times they drive through their mid foot. Here is a quick fix to eliminate that.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. 3×10 Bridges with toes hanging off table (or elevated)