WODdoc Episode 204 Project365: Restoring Shoulder Flexion

Seems like every other day we are talking about restoring some sort of shoulder function… not a surprise because crossfitters have a lot of shoulder problems. Going overhead isn’t easy for us.  For the vast majority we haven’t use the shoulder as a weight bearing joint since we stopped crawling. This combine with the fact that 99% of us suffer from postural problems associated with sitting at a desk most of the day and texting on our phones the rest is a recipe for overhead shoulder disfunction.

Bringing our hand overhand requires full mobility in all 3 planes of motion.  Shoulder abduction/adduction works in the frontal plane of motion:What’s-the-diff-Abd-AddWEB

Horizontal abdcution/adduction works in the transverse plane of motion:



Flexion/extension works in the sagittal plane of motion:


One that I see limited often is shoulder flexion. Today’s mobilization prevents us from cheating and spilling over into other planes of motion as we mobilize into shoulder flexion.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test shoulder flexion as shown.

2. Mobilize as shown 20 passes at a tempo of 3sec out 3sec in.

3. Re-test shoulder flexion.