WODdoc Episode 219 Project365: Rocktape Dem Calves

We have talked about the benefits of kinesiology tapes several times. As a re-cap our 3 big hitters are:

1. Pain – Rocktape helps to reduce pain by stimulating the sensory receptors on your skin… how?!? Think of the last time you banged your finger…. you most likely started vigorously shacking your hand… annnnnnd it reduced the pain right. Rocktape works the same way.. it’s call the Gate Control Theory if you’re into science.

2. Support – Although Rocktape can stretch up to 180% it still supplies an element of support. We call it dynamic support or a “soft barrier” of support.

3. Circulation – Rocktape has the ability to tent or lift the skin. Think of it as decompressing the several layers of skin. ┬áThis can have a positive influence on subcutaneous circulation. Better circulation means better healing.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Watch today’s video and attempt a calve taping as instructed.