WODdoc Episode 276 Project365: Fix Dem Lats Fix Dem Elbows

So sometimes things come by accident. Today, while my pops was on the phone I was mobilizing to keep myself occupied… my A.D.D. was creepin out in full effect. Because of my elbow issues (previous broke 3x) I am constantly working on my front rack. There is this one mobility I really like where you place a bar in the back rack position and then have a buddy drive your elbows forward. On the farm I have no buddies but I did have a jump stretch band. Check out what I came up with.

What I noticed was I got a huge stretch to the lat and the posterior cuff region.  When I brought the bar from the back rack to the front I noted a significant difference in elbow height and I was able to keep my fingers on the bar with more ease. What do I attribute this to? Lat mobility.  Lats adduct, extend and internally rotation the arm (picture being handcuffed) and the front rack is pretty much the opposite….. so try it out.


Today’s WODdocket:

Complete 5 mins of todays mobilization.

Option 1: Static stretch 5 mins.

Option 2: Contract/Relax 5-7 secs resist strain, then relax 15.

Test/Retest using your front rack (looking at elbow position.