WODdoc Episode 336 Project365: Testing Your Torso: Lateral Stability

So we got on a little tangent the last couple days. Lets get the train back on the tracks. We began testing the torso in Episode 334. We should have performed and max effort push-up position plank and record a time. I didn’t say it specifically during that episode because I didn’t want you guys shooting for numbers (btw … while we are talking about planks … did anyone see the world record plank hold was just broken… 5 hours and 15 mins or some… that’s crazzzzzyyy) but what we are looking for is the ability to hold for 2mins. ┬áJust 2 mins.

Today’s WODdocket:

Today we are testing the torso laterally, or in the frontal plane (side-bending). We are testing 2 parameters, endurance and strength. Endurance will be measured for both time and symmetry. Perform a max effort side plank being sure to recover fully between efforts. Next build to a max effort suit-case dead lift on each side. For both be sure to watch the video to faults and cues.