WODdoc Episode 458 P365: What You’re Not Doing In HSPUs featuring; Misfit Athletics

I am pretty fortunate in that I get to do a lot of cool stuff when it comes to the crossfit world. Today was a perfect example. I traveled to CrossFit Klew and sat in on Misfit Athletics training camp. Co-founded by Drew Crandall and Seth Page Misfit Athletics is not just another programming site. If I could express the amount of thought that goes into these guys programing I would be here all night. Their results speak for themselves… all you have to do is watch regionals and The Games… look for a purple shirt with a big “M” on the the exercise floor … you’ll see enough of them. But enough about that, lets talk about HSPU technique….


A big thing about Misfit Athletics training is movement proficiency… The more proficient you are the more repeatable the movement is (whatever that means for you and your skill level). HSPUs are no exception. They were a new exercise in The Open this year and we saw just how difficult it was to stay efficient with them, especially under fatigue. Generally the most efficient movers have the least moving parts (wrap that one around your head). The skill we worked on today involved improving leg/hip position on the wall.  It’s common to get lazy in the bottom of the HSPU but as Drew and Seth point out we need to say active here so we can trim down all the excess movement.

Watch tonight’s episode and see what your HSPUs are missing…



Tonight’s WODdocket:

10 mins of HSPU technique concentrating on points shown in tonight’s video.