You Think Six Pack I Think Soda Can| Ep. 30

Compression is kinda cool. Take a soda can… ooooh shit, did I say soda.  Take a kill cliff can…  Yeah thats paleo right? Anyway, keep it closed and stand on it. Don’t roll your ankle. What happens?  Nothing right?  Now open the can and repeat the process. Unless you’re a 14 year old ballet dancer you probably just made a mess and possibly sprained your ankle. So what was different? Compression. Same goes for our bodies. We brace our cores to create compression which in turn creates rigidity. In the lifting world rigid things break a hell of a lot less so, lets practice creating compression and establishing core rigidity with the hollow rock.

Today’s Prescription:

10min descending ladder, EMOM Hollow Rocks : 20,18,16,…. 2.

Know Your Anatomy

Many people think strengthen the abs are the way to a stronger core .  Not true! In fact they are not even part of the inner core which consists of Transversus Abdominus, Multifidus, Diaphragm and pelvic floor muscles.

inner core