WODdoc Episode 57 Project365: Improve Thoracic Stability, Improve Your OHS

So we tested our 3 OHS gates…  We either pass all of them or failed at a particular tier. Don’t worry, you’re not a real failure so get over it. The cool thing about the gated system is you know right where to start working the hardest.   For example if your failed Gate 1, you know you need more range of motion period. Failed Gate 2, you lack functional mobility, Gate 3 functional stability. My advice… get to work.. nothing changes by itself.

Today we are going to attack a common fault I see all the time.  How many of you have lost the weight out in front. One of the reasons we do this is because we loose thoracic spine extension.  The drill seen above makes us focus on just that. Keep 3 cues in your mind here (1)chest up (2)ribs down (3) armpits out.

Today’s Prescription:

1) Complete 30 reps (not continuous) of the above drill.

2) Test Pull Ups if You have completed 30 Pull-up Challenge.