WODdoc Episode 65 Project365: Hip Capsule Stretch

Today we’re working in the hip. We talked two days ago about the athletes that kind of place their ass’s on these invisible chairs instead of sitting fully into the squat. When they do this, we said whats happening is, they are never completely closing their hip….hmmm could it be that they might have a dysfunctional hip capsule.

What is a hip capsule anyway?


A hip capsule, or any capsule for that matter is a dense piece of connective tissue that wraps around the joint adding some integrity to it. Over time, and with enough repetitive stress, the capsule can thicken and loose it’s extensibility. We can stretch until we are blue in the face but if we don’t have a properly functioning capsule, full end-range in any direction in going to be hard.

Watch today’s video and see how we can re-gain proper function of our hip capsule.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test Bottom of Squat/OHS

2. Mobilize Hip Capsule as  shown (2-4mins)

3. Re-test Bottom of Squat/OHS