WODdoc Episode 150 Project365: Bouncing To A Better Squat

Today I had some of the most fun I have in years. If you have never been to a trampoline house you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s like a sandbox for adults … but with a lot of kids jumping around.  Most would look at today as just a play date (with my niece in this case) but I can’t help but look at biomechanics. Looking around I can instantaneously see people at risk for injury. Every other person seemed to have valgus caving (knees caving together). Here is the parallel, the same people that show faults jumping also show faults squatting.

But we can do something cool. We can use the trampoline as a rehab tool.  Spend some time at a trampoline park and for the first several minutes really concentrate on external rotation of your knees during the squat portion of the jump (knee out!!).  Here is a little protocol to do:


Today’s WODdocket:

1 minute of 2″ squats (concentrate on form) — don’t know the 2″ squat (refer to episodes 1-7)

1 minute of soft bounding – your feet never leave the trampling

1 minute of medium bounding – your feet travel 1-2 feet in the air

1 minute hard bounding – jumping as high as possible

**Have a partner watch you. If at anytime your knees begin to cave together stop