WODdoc Episode 72 Project365: Muscle-up Pulling Requirement

Happy Friday everyone…. I am going to do a little organization real quick…. make sure we are all on the same page.  When starting to train for muscle-ups I begin my athletes with dip training.  That was covered 2 days ago. I want to make sure they are competent above the rings first. Next I like testing their ability to keep a rigid core while they are flying through space. I did that with the hollow rock progression yesterday.

Today, we are testing pulling strength.  This also incorporates the hollow rock from yesterday. We want to be able to complete a belly to bar pull-up while maintaining a rigid body.  It doesn’t have to be perfect at first but, we can’t have body parts flying all over the place.  Everything is tight and streamlined. Here is the 3 step test.

Today’s WODdocket:

Complete each step and move on. If failed at any step, stop. More instructions for strengthening and progressions will come tomorrow.

1. Chin to Bar Pull-up

2. Chest to Bar Pull-up

3. Belly Button to Bar Pull-up