WODdoc Episode 117 Project365: Improve Shoulder Flexion With Posterior Capsule Mobilization

The shoulder is one of those things that has a million problems and 2 million fixes. Some of my more elite athletes have a bunch of shoulder mass. It’s a blessing and curse really. I mean, it helps them lift houses but screws up their shoulder mechanics. A lot of them have super over active traps. Meaning their upper trapezius muscles activate during just about every arm movement. Heck some of my guy’s have their traps firing when they wiggle their toes. For those of you not in the field of arthrokinematics, this is very badddd.

Overactive traps are a lot of the time (not all the time) associated with a tight posterior cuff and a tight posterior capsule. This lovely combination tends to influence anterior migration of the humeral head in the gleniod. It’s really important that humeral head stays centered in the gleniod for proper function. Today demonstrates one of the ways we can influence posterior migration of the humeral head to recenter it once it has been anteriorly translated.