WODdoc Episode 118 Project365: Distracted Elbow Flexion

Today we are attempting to improve your jerk rack position. It is ideal to have a platform with high elbows when jerking.


Note above Dmitry Klokov. He actually has a rather low-elbow jerk position but two things common in all great jerk racks need to be pointed out. He creates a nice platform high on his anterior delts and close to the midline of his body and, he retains a good grip on the bar.

To achieve this note the amount of elbow flexion Dmitry demonstrates. Laking elbow flexion or pronation here will definitely have a negative effect on your jerking ability. Today we demonstrate a great way to clean up any missing elbow flexion so we can improve your jerk position.



I purposely rotated this picture so you could have the same perspective as shown in the video. The band is looped around the radius and ulna drawing it away from the humerus. This gaps the joint and creates more space and encourages flexion. We use this exact same technique on other joints in the body too!

Today’s WODdocket:

1. Perform 30reps or 2-4mins of distracted elbow flexion.