WODdoc Episode 119 Project365: Banded Front Rack Lat Mob

Today, we are still hammering away at your front rack / jerk rack. Yesterday, we covered one ingredient needed…. elbow flexion. Now we are tackling a second ingredient…. shoulder flexion. A lot of the times these guys are tested and mobilized individually. What I like about today is it combines the two components. When testing “straight arm” shoulder flexion lat tightness can easily be hidden.  By first completely flexing the elbow we wind up the fascia in the arm and get a better look at the true length of the latissimus dorsi.

Take a look at today’s setup.

photo 1

1. Band and Box setup: Attach band to pole one band length away at or below the midline of the box.

photo 2

2. Hand loops through band

photo 3photo 5

3. Bend elbow and loop the band from the outside to the inside of the bent elbow.


4. Roll onto back and place hand above head holding the edge of the box.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test Front Rack

2. Mobilize 2-4 mins (20-30 reps) / side as shown in video

3. Re-test Front Rack