WODdoc Episode 127 Project365: Mobilize The TFCC To Reduce Wrist Pain

We have talked about wrist pain in the past but what in the ba-jesus is the TFCC?!?!?! Lets take a look-see.



The TFCC (triangular fibrocartilage complex) is a cartilage made disc that sits in between your ulna and the pinky side of your wrist. It works much like the meniscus in your knee. It increases the surface area between the ulnocarpal joint and provides partial load absorption in the wrist.

Of course like anything, large amount of stress … like the repetitive strains caused in high volume front rack movements can aggravate it and cause it to bark. If you didn’t know, cartilage is avascular.  So, it only gets its blood via diffusion from the surrounding tissues. This means it’s a slow healer. We don’t want to damage this thing … it’s a long lasting pain.

Check out today’s tip and see how we can take care of it.


Today’s WODdocket:

1. Test wrist extension in front rack.

2. Mobilize ulnar forearm and TFCC as shown (2-4mins/arm).

3. Re-test Position.