WODdoc Episode 188 Project365: What is IASTM?

What is IASTM?!?!   This is a rabbit hole I have been trying to dodge for sometime. IASTM is an acronym that stands for “instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation.”  It’s an umbrella term really… The medical world has used the term for sometime to designate any type of soft tissue done with something other than the practitioners hands.

In the past IASTM was restricted to PTs and doctors. To buy soft tissue instruments you had to take a course that was only available to medical practitioners and get certified. Several years ago the copyright held by GRASTON ran out allowing other companies to flood the market with their own unique versions of soft tissue instruments. Now it is quite easy to get your hands on one. This can be good or bad depending on the preparation and training the buyer has had.  Unlike balls, bands, and rollers, soft tissue instruments can be aggressive and areas can be over-treated quite easily.  If you own one, it’s best to become properly trained.

Today was a simple introduction… more to follow.


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