WODdoc Episode 391 P365: Pegboard Skills; Part 3

Over the last 3 episodes we have given the basics of pegboard skills.  First and foremost we need to have asymmetrical pulling strength. Second, we need to have the ability to hold ourselves up and remain stable with one hand. Third, we need to be able to move the unsupported hand to reach for the next peg hole.

Let’s say we have all of that … or at least think we do. Here are 2 cues you should be thinking when taking on a pegboard ascent.

1) Make sure you are pulling all the way to the top peg. Athletes that only pull their chin to the bottom peg have a difficult time locking their top hand/shoulder in and often can’t hold themselves up long enough to transfer peg holes. ¬†Picture the difference between hanging on a pull-up bar with your chin over the bar vs. mid pull position. Which do you think you would be able to hold longer.

2. Don’t not pull straight to your shoulder. Pull the peg toward the midline of your body. This helps you resist falling/swing to one side. (Hanging a picture frame… if the hook is off center the frame slides to the side). This addition torque is often times enough to make you fall but at minimum makes it a farther reach to the next peg hole since the unsupported shoulder is the one that will be twisting downward.