WODdoc Episode 392 P365: Tight Neck Fix

As sitting posture decays or posture in general our necks tend to resemble more a camel than a human. Our head, thrown out there in front of our body rather then proper on top our shoulders.  This, like all things has consequences. The muscles in the back of our necks get overworked and become short and stiff. Today we are demonstrating an easy way to loosen them up using a mobility all and a band.

I like this method because it gives us another option in the mobilization field. By using the band we can add pressure without using our other hand to press down on the ball. In places like the neck and shoulders this is especially important since using one hand will tense structures on he opposite side neck and shoulder.


Don’t mash blind…. Know your anatomy.

levscap trap


Today’s WODdocket:

20 pass of today’s mobility on each side.